Mickey Rourke Dogs it for PETA

Has Mickey Rourke gone to the dogs? Absolutely!

Also, he’s just done a PETA ad with his beloved pooch, Jaws, urging people to spay and neuter their hounds, E! Online reports.

It’s a topic that Rourke is clearly passionate about. The 52-year-old Wrestler star thanked “all my dogs” during his acceptance speech at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards ceremony, gushing, “When a man’s alone, sometimes all you got is your dog, and they meant the world to me.”

The ad reads, “Have the cojones to fix your dog. When dogs are knocked up, puppies are put down because there aren’t enough homes for them.”

Way to be classy for a good cause, Mickster!

This is just the latest manifestation of Rourke’s love for animals. It’s long been known that the actor has a fondness for many types of creatures.