Ryan Seacrest: The Bland Leading the Blind

Ryan Seacrest’s long-term exposure to Paula Abdul should make him sensitive to the needs of the disabled.

But that bit of on-the-job training didn’t prevent the 34-year-old American Idol host from making a big-time gaffe during last night’s premiere of the talent show’s Season 8.

Seasoned pro Seacrest—perhaps put off his game by the recent Golden Globes snubbing he received from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie—attempted to congratulate contestant Scott Macintyre on moving on to the next round of the competition by giving him a high-five.

The seeming gesture of good will was ill-considered, given that Macintyre is blind. And, thus, was unable to see the upturned palm in front of him.

When he realized that he’d been left hanging, Seacrest grabbed the sightless man’s hand and completed the gesture. And then proceeded to pile faux pas upon faux pas by telling Macintyre, “See you in Hollywood.” Yikes! Way to rub it in!

Check out the awkward exchange in the video below:

Man, that’s painful to watch. Seacrest, ouch!