UPDATED: Leonardo DiCaprio to Brad Pitt: ‘Tag, I’m It!’

Hey, Brad Pitt, got the time?

As far as Tag Heuer is concerned, you don’t.

WWD reports that Leonardo DiCaprio has snagged an endorsement deal for Swiss watch company Tag Heuer away from Pitt.

Brad’s six-year contract with the company expired last month. Rather than re-up the Benjamin Button star, the watch manufacturer tapped DiCaprio, 34, to be the new celebrity spokesmodel for its Carrera line.

Maybe Tag Heuer decided that Pitt, 45, isn’t the best face to represent them anymore? How will he support his tremendously expensive furniture habit now?

DiCaprio’s three-year contract is said to be worth several million dollars. The new campaign, which will feature Leo sporting the company’s Day-Date model, will hit billboards and magazine ads in the spring.

That timing should fit in nicely with Leo’s next big-screen release, Shutter Island, which re-teams the Gangs of New York, The Aviator and The Departed star with director Martin Scorsese. The movie gets creepy and suspenseful as United States Marshall Teddy Daniels (Leo) tracks an escaped maniacal murderess on remote Shutter Island.

Patricia Clarkson, Michelle Williams and Emily Mortimer are the females leads opposite DiCaprio. Guess in comments which one is the murdering crazy lady!

Congrats on the watch job, Leo! Hopefully you’ll take the responsibility of endorsement more seriously than some of your show-biz colleagues.

UPDATE: The three-year agreement between TAG Heuer and DiCaprio will see the royalties generated from the deal as well as a multi-million dollar commitment from the Revolutionary Road star going to support major environmental initiatives, says a rep from the actor.

“It is a great day when a company as respected as TAG Heuer explores a different way to do business—selling products and giving back at the same time,” Leonardo said in a statement.

“I’m very excited to start this new partnership, and look forward to a long relationship with TAG Heuer.”

Will you buy a watch endorsed by Leonardo DiCaprio to help save the environment? Let us know below!