Did Sienna Miller Have a Few Too Many?

Here’s British actress and husband pilferer Sienna Miller leaving London’s Groucho Club at 2 a.m. Thursday morning.

Miller looks like she might have had a cocktail. Or ten.

The recent Nottingham deportee left the Groucho and headed to Jerry’s Club (having to be assisted by Groucho Club staff) where she met up with Irish actor and upcoming Hippie Hippie Shake co-star Cillian Murphy.

And guess who’s married with two children, according to Lainey Gossip? And it isn’t Ms. Miller.

Cillian’s youngest is 18 months old.

Sienna might have been there, done that (literally) about Cillian. The last married guy with kids she conquered was rumored-soon-to-be former ABC series star Balthazar Getty.

Cillian’s pair of tots might seem like small potatoes to randy Miss Miller.  After all, Getty has four kids with wife Rosetta Millington. And Sienna’s rumored to still be seeing him.

So a married guy with two kiddies isn’t much of a spouse burglary challenge.

Sienna should take on Brad Pitt. That would be an adultery adventure for the ages. Six kids! And a wife who can fight back.

To Sienna’s credit, there are no reports that she left with Cillian from Jerry’s Club. She exited via a side door at 3:30 a.m.