Jared Leto Not Entirely Over Scarjo?

Remember when Scarlett Johansson briefly dated Jared Leto way back before she met Josh Harnett in 2004?

No, she's no longer with Josh. She's married to Ryan Reynolds, 32. Keep up.

Leto, 37, apparently hasn't forgotten their brief time together, despite recently being linked with New York City socialite Lydia Hearst.

OK! reports that Leto was "chatting" with Scarjo for the majority of the evening at the Creative Artists Agency post-Golden Globes party at the Sunset Towers on Sunday night.

And rather than reasoning that "my husband with the major abs might object to me spending the entire evening with my ex-boyfriend," Scarjo, 24, allegedly welcomed the attention. Hmm.

The 30 Seconds to Mars frontman and actor "spent most of the evening hitting on Scarlett Johansson, who certainly didn't seem to mind," is how a crass-thinking witness summarized the exchange.

Jared had his choice of exes to chat with.

Cameron Diaz was also on the scene, but former lovers Diaz and Leto reportedly didn't acknowledge each other.  Single girl Cammie was said to be taken by that scalliwag Gerard Butler. Don't do it, Cammie!

Jared might have had less time for Scarlett if one of his other former flames, Paris Hilton, hadn't been expelled from the party along with her scruffy buddy.  So, if Ryan Reynolds does lose his bride, he can blame Paris Hilton.



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  • Cassidy

    I know a sexy blonde that Jared Leto would love to f*ck!! And she wants some fun with a hottie!!

  • Michele Pearce
    Michele Pearce

    This story has been refuted and responded to be JaredIt is fabricated and entirely false Well done for this comment... I wish the gossip mongres would leave this poor guy alone! Everywhere he goes he is accused of hitting on tons of women... lay off for goodness sake and get your own life instead of trying to live vicariously through this successful and talented man! Frankly, it smacks of jealousy!

  • yasha


  • Serge G
    Serge G

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  • madre

    This story has been refuted and responded to be Jared It is fabricated and entirely false