Leona Lewis to Launch Fragrance

First the United Kingdom, then America, now worldwide department stores—23-year-old British singer Leona Lewis is expanding her influence from the airwaves to the shopping aisles.

The X Factor winner (that’s like American Idol, but everybody talks with Simon Cowell’s accent) will team with German brand developers LR, according to the Sun, to create a signature fragrance that will be aimed at international markets.

Only a year ago, Leona had dismissed the idea of promoting a scent.  “I’m totally focused on my music for now. My clothing line won’t be coming out just yet—or any perfume line.”

In the meantime, Lewis, an outspoken anti-fur advocate, has been reportedly partnering with a London High Street chain to develop a line of “vegan” fashions.

In 2004, Leona was both the first female and the first mixed-race winner of X Factor.  She approaches business with the same true-to-self vision that guided her to her Factor win.

As a strict vegetarian, Lewis insists the fragrance will not be tested on animals and will likely target an organic audience.

Aside from her fashion forays (and promoting her debut album Spirit with a certain Gossip guy), the singer also intends to release an autobiography in 2009.

These adventures in collateral merchandising are all well and great, provided they don’t delay the followup to Leona’s masterful debut.  Spirit came out in 2007, mind you.  The world needs another hit of “Bleeding Love” just as much as it does a sniff of scent.

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