Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson: Reunited!

For now, it feels so good. Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson seem to have gotten their rocky relationship back on track, as evidenced by the two of them hanging out and dining together very publicly Wednesday.

The ladies (back) in love were out shopping, and then were photographed dining at Los Angeles restaurant Il Tramezzino.

Here’s footage from Hollywood.TV of the momentous occasion.

Last week, it appeared as though Lohan, 22, and her sugarmomma, 31, were over and out for good.

This was despite Lohan’s emphatic denials.

Always somewhat of a combative couple, the end seemed to come with a series of arguments in Miami over the New Year’s holiday, including a meltdown at the airport on January 1.

The normally inseparable couple actually seemed to separate. Lohan was spotted at Apple lounge in L.A., looking a little lost.

And Ronson embarked on a DJ gig out of town, alone. She never spins alone! Do her headphones even issue sound if Lohan isn’t there?

During their “break,” Sam’s older brother (hipster record producer Mark Ronson), was reported to be happy over their breakup, according to News of the World.

Well, it appears as though an airport brawl and the disapproval of Amy Winehouse’s producer aren’t enough to break up these two.

Together, they’re a tantalizing shot of celebrity lesbian mystique. Apart? An out of work actress and a slovenly DJ.