Michael Jackson: Chips Ahoy

Here’s former Beyoncé fan Michael Jackson wearing a surgical mask and leaving a medical building in Beverly Hills.

After signing a few photos for some (really) brave fans, MJ, 50, was seen clutching an unopened bag of Kettle Chips as his car got ready to pull away

The eccentric celebrity, who has denied he is seriously ill, is currently renting a mansion in Bel-Air to the tune of $100,000 a month.

The AP reports that the French chateau-style house has seven bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, 12 fireplaces and a private cinema.

So much for his long-rumored financial troubles.

Jacko hasn’t lived in California for over three years. He left the country after his accquittal on child abuse charges in June of 2005.

His spokesperson Tohme Tohme says that Jackson returned to California to be near “where the action is” in the entertainment business.

“He might want to build his own dream house,” Tohme says. “Although the real estate market isn’t very good right now.”

Jackson had his dream house, a 2,800 acre ranch called Neverland, until he transferred ownership of it to a company he has a share in.

The ranch featured a petting zoo, movie theatre, and a mini-amusement park.

Michael should have let it decay and then just leased it out as a haunted house attraction at Halloween.