Amanda Bynes and Doug Reinhardt’s Break-Up Debate

Despite bearing all signs of everlasting endurance, the romance between Amanda Bynes and Doug Reinhardt has reached an end.

What’s not certain is what spurred the breakup, thanks to varying media accounts.

The 22-year-old Hairspray actress and the 23-year-old baseball player/peripheral Hills cast member called it quits earlier this week.  On Thursday Us Weekly reported that Bynes ditched Reinhardt—with whom she spent Christmas in the Bahamas—because she felt he was exploiting her fame.

“She ended it. She had had enough,” a source said at the time. “Her friends didn’t trust him. Everyone thought he was using her for celebrity. He was not good, and she was over it. It was definitely her who ended it.”

But Reinhardt told a different story to E! Online on Friday, insinuating that he’d called it quits because Bynes was keeping him on too short a leash.

“She wouldn’t even let me have a guys’ night out without flipping out on me,” Reinhardt told the outlet. “So it’s over.”

According to a source, the former Lauren Conrad beau told Amanda that he was having “a night out with the boys” on Wednesday.

Then Bynes showed up at his place at approximately 2 a.m. and banged on the door looking for him, only to discover that he wasn’t there. The couple broke up shortly thereafter.

As for Reinhardt’s suggestion that he ditched Bynes for being too clingy, a rep for the actress adamantly claims otherwise, insisting, “She broke up with him.”

Hmm; a high-profile break-up followed by conflicting reports on who dumped who? Why does that sound so familiar?

If history is any indication, the two will probably be back together by Valentine’s Day. But if not, at least  Bynes has a more loyal companion who can console her in her time of need.

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