Britney Spears Rehearses for the Real Thing

Now that Circus ringmaster Britney Spears, 27, has assembled the crack team of professionals and visionaries to help stage her upcoming world tour, rehearsals have gotten serious.

In less than eight weeks, The Circus: Starring Britney Spears world tour is scheduled to debut like a well-oiled piece of collective art.

Tickets are on sale now. Are you a potential buyer who is on the fence about whether or not the “Womanizer” chart-topper is putting her soul and body into preparing for this performance of a second lifetime? Take a look at these all-telling shots of Britney at work, courtesy of Brit’s official online home.

The body language says, “If you all can’t keep up, get your dragging butts out of my studio!”

Need more proof of the fiery energy that’s on the way in March?  Then click on over to Britney’s site for a ton more exclusive shots of the Circus master working herself and her crew into a finely honed frenzy of perfection.