Isla Fisher Turns On Her ‘Allure’

Isla Fisher’s sunny face graces the cover of Allure magazine for their February issue.

She also goes without pants on the inside. Must have been warm out that day.

Madonna empathizer Sacha Baron Cohen’s fiancee and the mother to their 1-year-old daughter Olive says that when her and Cohen do get married, she plans to keep the wedding a private affair.

Much like Fergie and Josh Duhamel recently did, where the guests didn’t receive their actual invites until AFTER the wedding.

“It has been difficult to plan,” Fisher, 32, says.

“When you are in the public eye, to make it happen without it being really visible is really difficult.”

The need for privacy reared its head during the interview, when Fisher explained that she has a rule about not talking about 37-year-old Sacha or her daughter, according to Allure.

She did say her future hubby was “mysterious and interesting.” As opposed to “intrusive and hilarous.”

Isla traveled around a lot as a child.  It was easier to make friends if she was willing to emulate someone like her future fiance and act like a loon (which probably helped her with her roles in Wedding Crashers and the upcoming Confessions of a Shopaholic).

“I attribute my ability to tap into my inner idiot to having to be such a gypsy and to adapt to new environments and new people at school. You can make friends quickly if you’re willing to take the piss out of yourself.”

But perhaps she might have attained the same goal with applied acrobatics!