Jennifer Aniston to John Mayer: No Ring, No Sex

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer might not be that inseparable after all.

The National Enquirer is reporting that Marley & Me star Jen, 39, won’t let Mayer stay over until he sets a wedding date.

John, 31, lives on the west side of Los Angeles, while Aniston lives in the Hollywood Hills.

“She made it clear to him over the holidays that it’s all or nothing when it comes to their relationship. Deep down, Jen worries that with John it’s ‘once a player, always a player’,” says a friend of Aniston’s to the mag.

“This is her way of breaking him of his womanizing ways. Jen rarely lets John sleep over at her Hollywood Hills home, and she never allows him to spend the night at her new mansion.”

However, John apparently knows Jennifer’s body is a wonderland, and wants back into the funhouse.

Star notes that the soft-rocker is planning to give the actress an engagement ring on February 11, for her 40th birthday.

“Money’s no object for John,” an insider tells Star. “He didn’t want to buy something that anyone else had, so he sketched it and is having it custom-made.”

So, which report to believe? Sounds like there may be truth in both! Tell us what you think below: Will Jen be married or played?