Jenny McCarthy Waxes Over ‘Playboy’

First the bad news: Jenny McCarthy won’t be posing in the buff for Playboy anymore.

Now the good news: The 36-year-old 1994 Playmate of the Year continues to find enrichment and sustenance from Hef’s venerable men’s magazine.

“Right now, I’m so happy playing for the girls team,” McCartny—who’s currently working with Suave shampoo on its “Beaty Stimulus Campaign” Suavenomics. “There was a time when I was happy to take off the bikini for guys, but I spent 14 years pleasing men, and now I’m focusing on doing something good for women. I only really read Playboy now to see what a **** should look like. I need to know what kind of grooming patterns are popular nowadays.”

Well, it’s good to know that some famous women keep up on the feminine grooming trends!

Of course, McCarthy doesn’t really need the money anymore, either; once she patents her cure for autism, she’s going to have more cash than she knows what to do with.

The former Singled Out co-host went on to say that she has no interest in young starlets flashing the flesh. “I mean, so many are prancing around in bikinis, it’s like, whatever. I’d like to see Sophia Loren pose,” McCarthy says.

Kudos on striking a blow against ageism, Jenny! But keep in mind; unconventional