Madonna Nude Photo Auctioned at Christie’s

With all the attention and effort she gives to her exercise regimen and facial upkeep, it’s safe to assume that 50-year-old pop icon Madonna is very particular about grooming.

But judging by a 1979 nude photo of Madonna currently being sold off by Christie’s auction house, the then-21-year-old struggling artist clearly had a very different sensibility.

Madonna was paid $25 for these shots at the time they were taken.  They are now part of a collection titled Icons of Glamour and Style: The Constantiner Collection Part II.  The lot also includes portraits of Stephanie Seymour.  Estimates have the Madonna print going for upward of $10,000 at Christie’s.

Naturally, Celebuzz is far too refined a site to display the NSFW version, but over at What Would Tyler Durden Do?, they have no such decency.

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