Nicollette Sheridan: Ryan Seacrest Is 'Nasty' and 'Gross'

Nicollette Sheridan: Ryan Seacrest Is 'Nasty' and 'Gross'-photo

Nicollette Sheridan had a few choice words for Ryan Seacrest on Friday's airing of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Sheridan, 45, split from her singing beau Michael Bolton last year.

Ellen, perhaps picking up a strong cougar vibe from the Desperate Houswives star, posed the blonde vixen with the question of whether she'd ever go out on a date with 34-year-old Seacrest.

"That's gross," Sheridan quipped. "I've met him."

Clearly Nicollette doesn't mind crossing that fine Hollywood tradition of not trashing your fellow celebrities.  She added, "I did his radio show, and he was very rude about me the next day. So I don't like him. It was nasty ... and untrue."

DeGeneres, 50, tried to explain that Ryan is in fact a "great guy"—albeit one who goes on her show and trashes his American Idol co-star, Simon Cowell—but Nicollette wasn't having it.

"Yeah, I don't like him," she hissed with fury. "You should have a word with him."

Maybe Ellen should've suggested Nicolette date Simon, instead?



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  • CookieMonster

    Good for her. Can someone explain to me why people like this guy - what's the attraction? He's a lousy host on AI.

  • ddavenport

    Yay Nicolette!

  • Trudy

    right on Nicolette! Glad she had the balls to stand up to this power trip guy in Hollywood. Somebody fire his gay arse!

  • Nic

    LOve it! Finally someone had the nerve to say the truth about that PIG!