Remember When: Taylor Lautner Was Shark Boy?

Sixteen-year-old Taylor Lautner has been all over the news lately for a variety of things: his superb acting skills, his adorable personality, and quite a killer new bod!

Before he became Twilight’s mysterious Jacob Black, the Michigan native landed the career-starting role of Sharkboy in the hit 2005 flick The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D. Not only did he show off his megawatt smile, but he also was able to flaunt his incredible martial art skills, which he acquired through years of training as a young boy.

Check out this hilarious clip from the cheesy, but fun movie!

To think, in three years, he moved from Sharkboy to become a heartthrob to millions of teenage girls across the Globe! Well done, Taylor!