Sundance: Uma Thurman’s Airport Stress

Motherhood ain’t easy. Neither was Uma Thurman’s commute from New York to Utah to promote Motherhood, her new comedy with Minnie Driver.

A Celebuzz source saw Thurman, 38, step off a JetBlue flight from JFK International and bolt outside to light up and meet her hired car. When it was nowhere to be found, the blonde charged back in for answers.

“She was really stressed, yelling at her airport escort, demanding to know where the car was,” the spy says.

Thurman showed in travel chic: a long gray cashmere sweater, riding boots and skinny jeans with a brown crocodile Birkin bag.

“She and her kids looked so tired, you could tell she wanted to get them settled but she caused a scene in the middle of the bag claim,” said the source.

Thurman’s (and Ethan Hawke’s) daughter Maya Ray, 10, stood with a nanny, while son Levon Roan sat on a luggage cart.

The eight-year-old celebrated his birthday yesterday, headed to festival weekend.

Hopefully spirits will lift for the family, who will attend a special concert performance by Driver in celebration of the movie this Wednesday.