Tina Fey Hamms It Up on ’30 Rock’

Here’s 30 Rock star Tina Fey, 38, filming scenes for an upcoming episode guest-starring Mad Men actor Jon Hamm.

Tina Fey’s series just won three Golden Globes, and it’s become one of those shows that celebrities (including Jennifer Aniston, Steve Martin, and Salma Hayek) have been clamoring to guest-star on.

Hamm, 37, is appearing in an arc of episodes as Liz Lemon’s new love interest. Knowing how her character’s love life usually goes, it’s possible that he’s riding that hog right out of her life.

According to ET, Hamm is playing a doctor who lives in the same apartment building as Lemon.

“I just finished a couple of episodes, and I’ll go back in the new year and do another one of those,” Hamm told the AP. “And then we’ll see what happens.”

Considering that his character on AMC’s flinty ’60s drama Mad Men, advertising executive Don Draper, is an adulter, identity thief and all-around chauvinist—this comedic respite on 30 Rock must have been a nice break for the actor.

Then again, Mad Men picked up the Best Drama Golden Globe for the second year in a row (the series has only been on for two years); so maybe it’s Hamm who’s doing 30 Rock a favor.