VIDEO: Robert Pattinson’s Bathtub Scrub Down

Robert Pattinson is really cleaning up his act these days.

First the 22-year-old Twilight star chopped off his trademark unruly locks.

Now comes video evidence of the once-and-future Edward Cullen’s dedication to personal hygiene, via a scene from his 2006 BBC TV project, The Haunted Airman.

Based on Dennis Wheatley’s novel The Haunting of Toby Jugg, The Haunted Airman tells the tale of a flight lieutenant (Pattinson) who’s confined to a wheelchair after suffering war wounds.

The troubled casualty travels to a remote mansion in Wales to recuperate, only to find himself plagued by nightmares and horrifying visions.

But most importantly, the injuries that Pattinson’s character sustains lead to a scene where he’s bathed by an assistant. The bathing is very thorough. Which can be viewed below:

Whoa; this almost makes up for the shirtless Robert Pattinson scenes that Twilight’s producers inexplicably cut from the flick.