Whitney Houston Doing Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Party

Whitney Houston Doing Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Party-photo

Crack may be whack, but Whitney Houston's back on track!

With her wild days of drug-addled frenzy—and Bobby Brown—presumably behind her, Whitney, 45, has her first album in seven years due in March.

Whitney shot to crossover superstardom in the early 1980s when the fledgling MTV music-video network relied heavily on her stylish and breezy videos and their catchy tunes. It helped that Houston, who is cousin to Dionne Warwick and goddaughter of Aretha Franklin, possessed a vocal range that was even more impressive than her grasp of fashion and fun.

At the height of her career, which had expanded to encompass movie stardom with 1992's The Bodyguard, Houston succumbed to the temptations of drugs and alcohol.  Her body of work since December 2002's Just Whitney consists most prominently of a supporting role as a stumbling, slurring half-a-mess in 2005's Bravo reality series Being Bobby Brown.

So it's a big step back up to the main stage for Whitney.

But to kickstart the hoopla, Houston will perform at the annual pre-Grammy party of Sony BMG label boss Clive Davis.

A rep for the legendary 76-year-old music mogul tells Page Six that Whitney "will, barring any physical ailments, perform at Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party."

The party, which will be held at swank Los Angeles hotel the Beverly Hilton on February 7, will also feature performances by Jennifer Hudson and Sean Combs.

(The Davis party will mark Hudson's second performance since the deaths of her family members in the fall.  Her first post-tragedy singing is scheduled to happen the day before the pre-Grammy party at a MusiCares event to honor Neil Diamond.)

The guest list for the Sony BMG pre-Grammy bash is highly exclusive.  It's safe to assume that Whitney's ex-boy toy Ray J won't be there with a plus-one, as he'll be busy looking for love in other places.



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  • Cynthia R. Scholar
    Cynthia R. Scholar

    Be careful Whitney - you're gonna get whacked. Both you and your daughter will pass out in the hotel's tubs. You won't get up. They won't find much in the way of medications, and no illegal drugs - just the remnants of a big lunch (hamburger, fries, Heineken, glass of champagne and turkey sandwich.) But don't expect the party to be canceled. In fact, the host, who is on camera explaining that you are only there as part of the audience, not to perform, will be the one to profit from increased sales of your records. He and Dolly will benefit - not a dime to your family.

  • lou2lou3lou4

    Whitney, Hang in there. God has blessed you real good with such a great talent. Use it to glorify him. I love your singing, you are the best. I will continue to pray for you and may God continue to bless you.

  • The Blesser
    The Blesser

    Whitney, I am so glad you have returned. Bring "high class" back to the women singers. Show them being half nude on stage does not mean you have talent. Don't forget to come to Kansas City, MO. I love your singing, I love your style, may the Lord through Jesus Christ bless your vocal chords...Bless you. Tell Cissy hello!

  • Agatha

    Yea. WHitney, we will support you no matter what. start from the bottom. even if your voice is damaged now, just take time.. you really have a natural gifted voice. PLEASE dont go on drugs again. I will support you

  • J McCray
    J McCray


  • cj

    you are very right no body does it better than ha

  • VC

    Long Time waiting for your return! Take your Title back and teach them ALL how to sing! CuZ' nobody does it like WHITNEY!

  • ddavenport

    Nice to see that Whit finally has her **** back together.