Kate Moss’ Birthday Bash Claims a Victim

If it’s true that it’s not a party until someone is hospitalized, then it’s Mission Accomplished for Kate Moss.

The super-slim model’s seemingly endless 35th birthday party was attended by high-profile guests such as Sadie Frost, Stella McCartney and Davinia Taylor to the model’s north London home yesterday. It also drew paramedics, as a male worker who’d been moving furniture at the home fell ill, the Daily Mail reports.

Well, at least he didn’t fall prey to one of the impromptu dust-ups that Moss and her rocker boyfriend, Jamie Hince, 40, have been known to indulge in.

The appearance of an ambulance failed to dampen the party atmosphere at Casa de Moss, however. Several neighbors complained as loud music—mostly ’80s fare such as Queen—blared from Moss’ home and out into the street until the early morning hours. At one point authorities arrived, responding to residents’ complaints, but the peace and quiet was short-lived.

“[Authorities] turned up just before 1 a.m. and the music was turned down, but as soon as they left it went up again—and went on until gone 7 a.m.,” grumbled one neighbor.

Witnesses saw the birthday girl, wearing a white dress and black evening jacket, leave her home and get into a car at approximately 8 in the morning, her destination was unknown. Another party, maybe?

Happy birthday, Kate, but you might want to slow down on the revelry. Assuming you want to make it to 36.