Nick Jonas Got Beat by Girls

The Jonas Brothers will be among the multitude of celebrities performing at President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration bash on Tuesday, but for littlest JoBro Kevin Jonas, the appearance may involve more than just welcoming America’s new Chief Executive. After all, as he admits to People magazine, he has something of a score to settle with Obama’s daughters. Nick—who’ll be performing “Burning Up” with brothers Joe and Kevin at the event—admits that, while backstage at The Ellen DeGeneres Show not too long ago, he went down in defeat to Malia and Sasha in a ping-pong game. Dude; they’re 10 and 7 years old, respectively. And they owned you at ping-pong? Well, to be fair, there were some extenuating circumstances, according to Nick’s 19-year-old brother, Joe:
“[There was] a little pressure with the 25 Secret Service agents there.” Sure, sure; blame the Secret Service agents.