Tom Cruise Wanted to Kill Hitler

For Tom Cruise, Valkyrie isn’t merely his latest hit movie. It was a reflection of his childhood wishes, reports Yahoo.

While promoting the flick–which is based on the true story of Colonel Claus Von Stauffenberg, who launched a failed attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler during World War II–in Seoul, Korea, Cruise told reporters, “I always wanted to kill Hitler, I hated him…As a child studying history and looking at documents, I wondered, Why didn’t someone stand up and try to stop it? When I read the [Valkyrie] script, it was entertaining and informative to know what the challenges were and what it was like to be in the environment.”

Alas, poor Tom (real name: Thomas Cruise Mapother IV) wasn’t born until July 3, 1962, at which point the job of killing the Nazi leader had been long taken care of. Plus, there’s no documented evidence that Hitler ever came anywhere near Cruise’s home town of Syracuse, New York.

Nonetheless, Cruise was gratified to play out at least part of his fantasy by portraying Stauffenberg in the Brian Singer-directed flick.

“I’ve never heard of this story before…It turned out to be an incredible adventure, just to be there and shoot at these locations that Stauffenberg was. It was a very powerful experience and hopefully it will communicate with the audience. It has certainly influenced my life, just knowing that there were people who tried to stop him (Hitler).”