Brad and Angelina Do Italian in Germany

When in Germany, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie…go out for Italian food.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button actor, 45, and the Changeling star, 33, were spotted in Berlin emerging from Al Contadino in the early-morning hours Monday, after enjoying a private (and very late) dinner with friends.

Pitt’s upcoming flick, the Quentin Tarantino project Inglorious Basterds, is currently filming in Germany.

Although she has mused about taking on the role of mom full time, mother-to-six Angelina has a fairly busy section of career curve ahead of her.  Aside from the title role in Edwin A. Salt that she snagged from Tom Cruise, the divine Jolie is scheduled to take the lead in a picture that looks at Catherine the Great’s influence on the American Revolutionary War (The Mercenary: Love and Honor) and to star as a powerful railroad executive in a big-screen adaptation of Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged.

Those are some weighty parts; no wonder Angie stops to stock up on carbs.

After chowing down, Pitt and Jolie—who was carrying a black Chanel bag—climbed into a waiting van.

Nothing like a hearty meal to help someone recover from a nationally televised dis-fest. Or the recent realization that you’re not as pretty as you thought.

Just don’t fill up too much, Angelina, or you’re likely to spur yet another pregnancy rumor.