Denise Richards: It’s Painful

Snowboarding isn’t always easy to learn, even for someone as strong-willed and determined as Denise Richards, 37.

Here she is in Park City, Utah, during the Sundance Film Festival trying to learn how to make that mountain her friend.

Richards was accompanied by her best pal (and frequent co-star on her reality show Denise Richards: It’s Complicated) Kim and a young snowboarding instructor.

Speaking of friends, Denise reportedly has a new one—her ex-husband Charlie Sheen’s new wife, Brooke Mueller.

Despite a past relationship filled with accusations of sperm requesting and scary e-mails, In Touch reported that the two ladies have mended fences.

Denise’s young daughters Lola and Sam are often with step-mom Mueller, who is pregnant with her and Sheen’s first child.

“Brooke and Denise are on friendly terms now and [Brooke]’s even thinking of inviting [Denise] to the baby shower in February,” a source said.

No word in if Denise has come to the same sort of detente with Charlie.

But back to the mountain, if the Wild Things actress could tackle that slope with the energy she’s put into making Sheen’s life a living hell, she should be an expert in no time.