Madonna’s ‘Hard Candy’ Outtakes: Not So Sweet

Someone made the right decision when it came to the final artwork for Madonna’s Hard Candy album.

Outtakes from the album’s photo session have recently been leaked onto the Internet. The pictures were shot by photog Steven Klein. Klein is rumored to have helped Madge’s alleged flame, Brazilian model Jesus Luz, “get along with everyone” on the South American leg of Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet tour.

The outtakes show the singer looking every bit of her 50 years, in a variety of bizarre outfits.

One photo set shows the Material Mom laced up in knee-high boots and boxing gloves. Another finds her sporting what appear to be an adult diaper and chest bandages.

Maybe the release of the photos was an effort to deflect the recent death threats that Madonna has received from Islamic extremists? After all, it’s difficult to kill someone when you’re doubled over in laughter.

There is one bright spot to the outtakes—at least, in these pics, the aging pop star is wearing clothes. Even if they are a little strange.