Miley Cyrus’ Torn Up Tights and Boots of Blue

Miley Cyrus, 16, as shown here, is proving that you don’t have to LOOK like a multi-millionaire just because you ARE one.

Cyrus (dressed in strategically torn-up tights, an Iron Maiden t-shirt, and funky blue boots with fringe) spent some punk rock time over the weekend with pals.

The girl squad grabbed lunch and then had their nails done in Hollywood. They finished the day by getting a flower for Miley’s mom Tish Cyrus (aww) and hitting Trader Joe’s.

Pilates sufferer Miley’s outfit was definitely the star of the day.

Tonight, Miley introduces her new video from the upcoming Hannah Montana movie (“Let’s Get Crazy”) on the Disney Channel, followed by her Inauguration Eve concert with the Jonas Brothers.

It’s going to be a huge night for Miley, and those boots could be the talk of the inauguration. If she wears them.

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