Mischa Barton Swept Up in Paris Turmoil

Violence in the Middle East claimed yet another victim on Saturday. Mischa Barton.

Protests over Israel’s recent incursions into the Gaza Strip spread to the boulevards of Paris, France, over the weekend, subjecting innocent travelers to a storm of civil disobedience.

The Sixth Sense actress Barton found herself stranded along with many thousands of Parisians when improvised road blocks trapped her cab in a clog of halted vehicles. Eager to return to her hotel room, Mischa left the taxi behind and took to her feet, putting into practice a tried and true method of green transportation.  Green travel has long been an interest to the former O.C. star.

The London-born actress and headband aficionada, 22—who recently finished filming Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain with Martin Sheen—bore a troubled expression on her face as she dealt with the calamity and made some phone calls.  In May 2008, Mischa was reported to have moved to Paris and taken up living in the City of Lights.  Surely, this interruption in the flow of local traffic was something she took easily in stride.

All the same, Barton was no doubt plenty grateful to eventually get out of that mess. She’s a girl who knows the importance of keeping a grateful attitude.