Morning Frills #138: ‘Bunny Tales’ Edition

Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt may not live in the House of Hef anymore, but the Girls Next Door alums’ bond is still rock-solid. (Hey, sharing an octogenarian boyfriend is bound to bring a couple of girls together in profound and life-changing ways.)

Wilkinson, 23, and Marquardt, 35, came together once more for the latest issue of Us Weekly to share the sexy and spill the beans on their time in the Playboy Mansion, among other riveting topics. Such as:

On the importance of individuality: “We both have a great set of legs,” Wilkinson notes. “They’re totally different,” Marquardt adds. “Yours are more athletic and [mine] are long.”

On the best part of the swinging lifestyle: “[I love it when] I’ve performed a trapeze routine and done a really great job,” Marquardt offers. “And even though I’m sweaty and nasty and gross from it, I just feel so accomplished and good.”

On why self-denial is overrated: “The word ‘diet’ is stupid and I don’t believe [in] it!” Wilkinson says. Adds Marquardt, “It’s a bad word.”

On the joys of nutrition: “I love going to the chips section of CVS or Walgreens,” Wilkinson reveals. “I’ll grab all these different chips, and I’ll open them all up in my car on the way home, and I’m like, ‘Ahh!'”

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