Posh Pries Into David Beckham’s Armani Affairs

Victoria Beckham is proudly on the Armani payroll, but that doesn’t mean she’ll let a beautiful member of the fashion family’s empire lure her husband into temptation!

With David Beckham off to Italy for three months playing with the AC Milan football club, his wife, 34-year-old Victoria Beckham, has flown to the Continent from Los Angeles to spend some time with her married mate. The shopping, they say, is incredible in Milan.

But the Daily Mail reports that Vicki’s intentions might have less to do with charging up a storm at couture boutiques and more to do with staving off the supposed seduction of her man by voluptuous siren Roberta Armani.

David, 33, attended the Armani men’s Fall/Winter 2009/2010 fashion show with Roberta, who is the 38-year-old niece of the label’s founder, Giorgio Armani.

Roberta was seen leaning in close to talk with Becks while the two sat in the front row.

Later that evening, the Beckhams attended an Armani party at Nobu, where the above photo was taken. Clad in a little black dress, despite freezing temperatures, Vic seemed dressed to impress.

She also seemed to be nudging Roberta out of the group photo above.

Like his wife, David has stripped down to practically nothing while modeling for the fashion house’s underwear line.

The Mail points out that Roberta Armani has worked for her uncle since she finished school. The gorgeous brunette is now the head of global and VIP communications for the company.

And with David in Italy for next few months, Posh might just want to order up a snooper surveillance system to make sure her husband doesn’t try to score some love, Italian-style with the well-heeled niece!