Amy Winehouse: Bar Tabs and ‘Puppy Love’

Amy Winehouse continues to make the most of her Island retreat, an alleged detox mission to the Caribbean’s St. Lucia. The patient has now taken to serenading hotel guests and potential beaus.

Just like the tides, reports suggest that 25-year-old Winehouse has changed her affections once again. While husband Blake Civil-Feilder continues to sort out legal drama in the UK, Amy took up with hunky soccer stud-turned-actor Josh Bowman in the tropical paradise.

Now The Sun suggests she’s moved on to a fitness instructor at her swanky resort. And what are the telltale signs of a Winehouse crush? She may immerse herself in, say, his job and interests, but he’ll know for sure she’s pining for him when she breaks into serenading song.

Just look at the vocal treatment she gave Bowman in the hotel lobby, here tinkling away on a baby grand singing Donny Osmond’s 1970s hit “Puppy Love.”


Will it be beautiful music for she and her hands-on trainer?

Stay tuned.