Angelina Jolie Changes Her Hair!!!!

Angelina Jolie Changes Her Hair!!!!-photo

Stop the presses!

Angelina Jolie attended the German premiere of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button at the CineStar Sony Theatre in Berlin with boyfriend Brad Pitt last night, and the 33-year-old actress was looking dramatically different than usual.

Specifically, the Changeling star was wearing her hair in a bold new up-do.

As everyone knows, Jolie typically wears her long, brown tresses hanging down.

Also, as everyone knows, it's highly unusual for women to change their hairstyles.

What in the name of the Almighty is happening here?

Did Barack Obama supporter Jolie change her hairstyle in anticipation of the new Administration? Was she sending a subtle message that, in these troubled times, we all need to aim higher, even where it concerns hairstyles?

Or is this shift in coifs evidence that Jolie is, indeed, pregnant again?

Have your say in the comments section: Why did Angelina Jolie change her hair, and what do you think of her new look?



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  • Skye

    This is not a new hairdo. This is just a hairdo among others for a particular premiere. She sometimes puts her hair up which was very nice at last year's Oscar Presentation. I really like this style better than when she has it slicked back. Do you want everyone to be a carbon copy? How boring that would be.

  • star

    Jolie is not a barack supporter, she has stated she was a republican in the past and when asked who she would vote for said she didnt know. She only jumped on the band wagon to support obama because not doing so contradicted her charity publicty stunts for refugees

  • salmie81

    i love her new hair, it's make she become more beautiful rather than before, absolutely beautiful like always is....

  • letsdance

    It's okay not her best look though.

  • ddavenport

    I love her hair.

  • robert

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