Gossip Girl: Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Gossip Girl may be one of the hottest shows on the air right now, but the young cast of the dirt-driven CW drama probably had a difficult time remembering that as they filmed yesterday.

Leighton Meester, 22, Jessica Szohr, 23, Penn Badgley, 22, and Blake Lively, 21, were bundled up against the elements in Manhattan—where temperatures rose to a mere 31 degrees and bitter snow fell from the skies—to lens the latest episode of their trash-tastic series. Szohr was even forced to cling to her pet Shih-Tzu for precious warmth.

Hopefully Penn was his usual gallant self and kept his girlfriend Blake warm between takes. Or at least mixed her a few Dietinis so she could numb herself to the cold.

Of course, nothing heats things up like a good, old-fashioned catfight. Perhaps Leighton and Blake should keep that in mind as they continue to film in the frozen northeast tundra.