Is Britney Spears Writing Her Autobiography?

After scoring a platinum album, two hit singles and a much sought-after comeback over the past few months, is Britney Spears capping off her streak of good fortune by writing her autobiography?

Britain’s Mirror claims the 27-year-old pop queen is close to signing a $20 million publishing deal, wherein she’ll spill everything about her turbulent life as a pop star.

“There have been numerous unofficial biographies printed about Britney, but she’s never agreed to pen her own tome—until now,” says a source.

“And some of the stories she’s got are absolute dynamite. She’s kept diaries so there’s nothing she’ll leave out unless she wants to.”

Previously Britney opened up in the MTV documentary For the Record about her ups and downs throughout 2007 and early 2008.

The program aired in November.

“If the deal goes ahead she will write between three and five books throughout the next decade—it’s one of the most lucrative book deals in showbiz history,” the Mirror source continues.

“Britney will talk frankly about growing up and how she went off the rails. It’ll be a gripping read.”

Britney is said to be getting down to business with writing the book once she completes her upcoming world tour.

Get your reading glasses ready, y’all!