Kiefer Sutherland: ‘We’re All Going to Die!’

Sorry, 24 fans; soon you’ll have to turn to your own personal relationships for your regular dose of torture and nail-biting anxiety.

Show star Kiefer Sutherland—who plays terrorist hunter Jack Bauer on the series—says the show will come to an end after next season, the Daily Mirror reports.

And the actor predicts that his character will meet a grim end.

“I see Jack as a really human figure and there is something innately tragic about people. I think there is no winning,” Sutherland, 42, offers. “We’re all going to die. There’s something kind of sad in that, and yet there’s something really beautiful and hopeful.”

The seventh season of the series—which won an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series in 2006—began on January 11, after a year’s delay caused by the writer’s strike.

Sutherland filmed a special two-hour episode, 24: Redemption, which filled in as a bridge between seasons six and seven and aired in November.

But apparently he’s ready to hang up the gun.

There is some good news for the series’ fans, though; 24’s producers say that Jack Bauer may return in a movie, after the TV show has run its course.

But if the movie never materializes, Sutherland will just have to find something to occupy himself with.