Morning Frills #139: ‘Kerr-ying On’ Edition

Does Miranda Kerr make a buttload of money for the simple act of looking pretty?

Yes, yes she does.

Does the 25-year-old, Australian model deserve every penny of those mega-bucks?


The Victoria’s Secret clotheshorse and Orlando Bloom’s main reason to live was caught looking gorgeous once again on Sunday in St. Barts, as the bikini-clad stunner did a Victoria’s Secret photo-shoot.

It’s particularly impressive that Kerr is able to look so stunning when she’s under the constant stress of having to explain her relationship with 32-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean actor Bloom.

Most recently the tabloids have been reporting that Kerr and Bloom are engaged, and the 5′ 9″ beauty had to put her pretty foot down and squash the rumors.

“I am not engaged and that is it,” Kerr told the media.

Not that she’s opposed to the idea of settling down—in fact, she sees herself raising kids on a remote farm some day. “That will be me with my vegetable patch living in a solar-powered house,” Kerr offers.

Solar power? Come now, Miranda; hot as you are, you wouldn’t need the sun to power your home.

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