Penelope Cruz Enjoys Her ‘Mango’

Here’s Penelope Cruz in a new series of ads for Mango for their Spring/Summer 2009 collection.

The Latina beauty, 34, looks sultry as she shows off the fashion line’s latest threads.

Cruz recently revealed that the interview process for her last job was a little…odd.

Penelope told the Daily Herald that she met with director Woody Allen for less than a minute about her part in the award-nominated Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

“The meeting lasted about 40 seconds,” she said. “We met, he said he was pleased to meet me, and then we were done. It was so brief.”

Woody Allen must have liked what he saw. He cast Penny in the role of Javier Bardem’s volatile ex who has a sweet make-out scene with Scarlett Johansson.

“Sometimes he takes Polaroids of actors, he told me,” she continued. “Sometimes he doesn’t talk at all. With me, he talked and we laughed together and I think we connected. I guess he is just shy at the beginning. He doesn’t talk much but he was making jokes and really making me laugh. In those 40 seconds I felt that we could understand each other, the humour, and a month later he called me and said that he was almost finished with the script and that he thought I could play the character. He offered me the movie and I was so happy to hear that.”

It was obviously a good decision on Woody’s part. The film was the most well-reviewed offerings from Allen in a long time.

And Mango must be hoping to package their own version of the Cruz magic.