Rutherford Rep: Kelly Is a Great Mom

Kelly Rutherford’s official spokesperson Patrick McCarthy has spoken out on the Gossip Girl star’s behalf regarding the actress’ split from German financier Daniel Giersch.

“At this time, Kelly doesn’t have an official statement on her divorce,” McCarthy said in a statement to Celebuzz.

“Right now Kelly is focusing on what is in the best interest of her family and trying to bring as much normalcy to their lives as possible during this difficult time. The statements made by her husband Daniel Giersch are completely fabricated and Kelly is a loving and caring individual and a wonderful mother,” said McCarthy.

Rutherford, 40—who plays maternal figure Lilly van der Woodsen on the hit CW series—told People magazine that she had to call the authorities on two separate occasions because of Giersch’s hostile behavior.

Rutherford filed for divorce from Giersch on December 30, three weeks after she announced that she was pregnant with their second child. (The couple has a two-year-old son, Hermés, together. Rutherford is currently four months pregnant with a daughter.)

Since then, the couple has been locked in a fierce battle. Rutherford claims that she fears Giersch will flee to Germany with their child.

According to divorce papers filed by Rutherford, the first time she called the cops on her hubby was during a visit to New York, the couple taking residence at the Wales Hotel.

“[Giersch] kept yelling at me in front of Hermes, and threatening that he was going to take Hermes,” her court filing reads. “[He] kept saying that I was ‘going to learn,’ and that he was ‘going to teach [me] a lesson.'”

The second instance occurred in Los Angeles weeks later. Rutherford claims that Giersch “had cornered me and come within inches of my face. He would not back away.”

Rutherford also says that Giersch is “an avid boxer and a kickboxer, and I am intimidated by him.”

According to documents, Giersch was asked to leave on both occasions, and no arrests were made either time.

Giersch, 34, denied Rutherford’s claims via a statement through his lawyer, Fahi Takesh Hallin. “I don’t want to comment because all of these accusations from Kelly are false and are intended to damage my reputation,” the statement reads. “I am solely seeking what is in our children’s best interest.”

A likely story; if Giersch was really looking out for his son’s best interests, he would never have let his wife name him after her favorite clothing designer.

Lawyers for both spouses are expected to meet in a Santa Monica, California, courthouse Wednesday. Rutherford is seeking to ban Giersch from traveling outside the country with Hermés, and is also asking permission to take their son with her to New York until March, when the current season of Gossip Girl completes filming.