Stars Speak Up On Obama’s Inauguration

Much like the rest of the nation, celebrity reaction to the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States has been overwhelmingly positive.

Below are exclusive statements from some of Hollywood’s famous faces on this day where America welcomes its first African-American commander in chief.

“We have witnessed one of the most momentous occasions in our country’s history and must remember these feelings of hope forever and ever,” says Whitney Port, 23, star of The City.

“May we continue to remain open to all walks of life and learn something new every day from each and every person we encounter.”

Mischa Barton, 22, adds, “I cried, I won’t lie. I cried for the people being hit by our economic crisis, including my friends, and for the people who don’t understand the spirit of good Americans. I cried because I had a press day where I had to answer worthless questions about fame and his speech was so right that that has nothing to do with the hard work that made the fabric of the American nation.”

Also eager to weigh in on this historic occasion are Keeping Up with the Kardashian stars Kim and Khloe Kardashian.

“This election was the first time I’ve ever voted and I’m so proud that Barack Obama is now our president!” Kim, 28, exclaims.

Her sister Khloe, 24, adds, “Being old enough to understand what happened during the Bush administration and watching firsthand as our country took such a downward spiral, and now being able to actually live through such a significant change is something I never thought I would experience.”

She continues, “I have high hopes for President Obama and not once have I doubted his ability to turn this country around.”

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