VIDEO: ‘Rock of Love Bus’ Is Class on Wheels

How will Bret Michaels ever manage to pick a new lady love on Rock of Love Bus this year, when all of the contestants are so delightfully refined?

The third season of the VH-1 reality-dating show and spin-off machine—which premiered on January 4—is off to a fantastic start, and this week’s episode was no exception.

In the newest episode, the classy ladies vied for the 45-year-old Poison front man’s affections by facing off in a hockey game. The real fun came afterward when the gals discovered that Brittany had stolen their sweaty socks after the game and stowed them away on the bus. Well, not stolen, exactly; as she explained to the ladies upon discovery, the owner of the hockey venue let her take the stinky tokens.

Check out a video of the moment below; any segment that begins, “I seriously smell pee, I’m not kidding” is bound to be top-notch entertainment:

Better make some room on that bus for your Emmys, girls!

But what would Brittany want with her rivals’ used, sweaty, gym socks anyway? Did she have some kind of twisted voodoo ritual in mind? Will she rifle through the gals’ laundry and steal soiled undergarments next week?

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