Beyonce Headgear: ‘Diva’ Director’s Cut is Back!

Because the music-consuming masses cannot consume enough Beyonce Knowles in crazy futuristic corsets, metal gloves and anything Gareth Pugh-related, a director’s cut for the video to her single “Diva” has returned to YouTube after being pulled for copyright infringement.

While we’re always fans of the gentle, inauguration-worthy melodies Mrs. Jay-Z is capable of, the props in this cut are nothing short of Sasha Fierce.

The 27-year-old brings it in the clip (directed by Melina Matsoukas) with some inventive headpieces. The first, a paper crown shooting off the top of her head, implies a pop-up innocence with delusions of grandeur.

The second is a wire helmet of sorts, straight out of a Sonic-the-Hedgehog-does-Las-Vegas fever dream.

Though Thierry Mugler will take the design reigns for Beyonce’s I Am tour hitting in the spring, fashion-as-art junkies everywhere beg of him—these props must make a cameo.