Dane Cook Tops Least Funny Comedian List

Dane Cook Tops Least Funny Comedian List-photo

Much like getting ripped off by your own relatives or stepping in a pile of dog feces left on the ground by your inconsiderate neighbor, there may be nothing funny about Dane Cook.

At least, that's according to the experts at Coed magazine, who list the 36-year-old, Boston-born comedian as the main offender in their "Top 10 Most Unfunny Comedians of All Time" list. 

Categorizing Cook as "a cheap hack—the McDonald’s of comedy," the magazine implores, him, "Please go away, Dane. Planet Earth will thank you."

Ouch! And LOL. The complete list of humorless humorists, along with abridged Coed commentary, follows below:

10. Carrot Top
"Carrot Top is so unfunny, it's a stretch to even call him a comedian."

9. Sinbad
"He's only famous because he doesn't scare white people."

8. Louie Anderson
"Listening to a fat dude wheeze about how much it sucks to be fat—boring."

7. Whoopi Goldberg
"In general, Whoopi Goldberg's audience are middle-aged soccer moms who love Walmart."

6. Richard Lewis
"All he jokes about is how much he sucks at life, which makes sense… considering how much he sucks at comedy."

5.Judy Tenuta
"Between her skin-crawl voice and embarrassingly bad act, we can’t decide what we hate most."

4. Jimmy Fallon
"Our prediction: His hosting career will last one night, ending with Fallon crying himself to death from vicious self loathing and a nasty case of hair gel scalp burn."

3. Kathy Griffin
"We almost feel sorry for Kathy Griffin. But then she opens her mouth."

2. Carlos Mencia
"He steals his jokes and then re-writes them into something so offensively terrible that we become nauseated."

1. Dane Cook
"Dane Cook's existence makes this a worse world in which to live."

Now that Coed has told the world how they really feel, have a say in comments: Did they miss anyone?  Did they hit anyone unfairly?



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  • KTreu42

    Apparently people just decided that it was cool to hate on Dane Cook awhile back, but if you just shut up and enjoy comedy for what it is, he's obviously funny sine he's one of the most successful comedians of the decade. I like Louis CK, but honestly all his shit is about masturbating and his children, he's dirty and gritty just like Dane. Here's a news flash: Those of you who are so high-strung tat you have to tear apart comedians who are just trying to make people lighten up and laugh? Yea, comedy is not for you so shut your face. Though if I did have to put a name into the ring, Mitch Hedburg is the least funny guy I'e ever heard. Never laughed at one of is jokes, even a little.

  • steve

    I did the same thing "WTF", Except I've only looked for 10 minutes. But still, I just don't get it at all. He's simply not funny. And I really don't see why anyone would care if he said anything about Hudgens. Big deal.

  • Mike

    Looks like that Jimmy Fallon prediction was dead on! ha!

  • crapbegone

    Dane cook is to comedy as Hitler is to philanthropy.

  • WTF

    I just spent an hour online looking for references on others who think Dane Cook isn't funny. I don't get it. Does anyone really think he's funny? He doesn't tell jokes, he just talks. Someone explain to me what the f***k is goinig on. How did this hack make it. I'm truly at a lose & please believe this isn't an attack on his character. He may be a super nice guy but can he really be labled a comedian? I think I'm gonna puck if I hear one more college kid tell me he's hilarious. The 9 comedians on this list with him have no right being lumped with him. I seen skits from everyone of them and although I don't like them all, he's the only one that has no right being labeled a comedian.

  • David

    Lol, Dane Cook deserves to rot in jail for pointing out what we're all thinking about vanessa hudgens? The slut needed a wake up call, if anything he was doing her a favor. Dane Cook is f*cking hilarious and no random magazine that nobody's ever heard of is ever going to change that. It's funny, I've heard of Dane Cook and some of the comedians listed, but never of this crappy magazine. Comedic talent is in the eyes of the audiance and whether you like it or not, Dane is very popular and has a wide audiance, which makes him a good comedian.

  • Amanda

    So deserves it, he's such an ***hole! NOT FUNNY AT ALL

  • ?:

    BEFORE the teen choice awards i had nothing against dane, and he was alright, in my mind. AFTER the teen choice award and making fun of vanessa hudgens, he TOTALLY deserves to rot in a jail cell..

  • nestor salseda
    nestor salseda

    whoever wrote that sh*t about dane cook is dumb cuz hes the funniest comedian ive ever heard better than carlos mencias garbage dane cook ur the best in my book

  • Ivar Markowski
    Ivar Markowski

    Carlos Mencia's stand up is pretty hilarious. He may take some jokes, but at least they arouse a wave of laughter each time. His show is typical, but the stand up is funny. Dane Cook, I don't understand. He strays away from the common one liners, and tells hilarious stories. Whether they be true or not, they are funny. He is original, and his comedic ability has surmounted a large following. Just because a comedian becomes extremely popular doesn't make him unfunny. Rough Around the Edges was lacking, I'll give you that, but his other shows were phenomenal. If Coed can tell me what makes them qualified to produce such ludicrous picks for least funny comedian, then maybe I'll be somewhat satisfied. In the end it does come down to opinion, so unless they interviewed a good amount of randomly selected people and asked for their input, the picks are bullsh*t.