Did Ewan McGregor Fire His Publicist?

Has Ewan McGregor been put in a sour mood from long days of staring at goats with George Clooney and making out with Jim Carrey?

Defamer reports that 37-year-old Big Fish star McGregor may have fired his publicist, Stephen Huvane, 38, at last week’s Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

The deal supposedly went down following the screening after-party of McGregor’s latest effort, I Love You, Phillip Morris. The film stars Ewan and Jim Carrey as star-crossed lovers who meet in prison. The boyfriends run into all manner of humorous and poignant obstacles to taking their affection to the outside world.

Rumor has it that McGregor canned Huvane at the airport.

Ouch; as if air travel hasn’t become enough of a headache these days.

The New York Post reports that Huvane hasn’t responded to phone calls or e-mails about the alleged sacking. Even if McGregor did dump him, Huvane isn’t too broken up. A publicist for the PR powerhouse PMK-HBH, he also represents Uma Thurman and Jennifer Aniston, among others.

Just confirming or denying rumors about Aniston’s love life is enough to keep him busy.