First Glimpse of Seraphina Rose Affleck! (And Violet, too!)

Supermom Jennifer Garner, fresh out of the recovery ward and already a mom about town again, was snapped taking newborn Seraphina Rose Affleck for a visit to the doctor’s office.

Seraphina, little sister to Violet Affleck, 3, and Jennifer and Ben Affleck’s second child, was born on January 6.

In regards to the exotic name for their newest addition, husband Ben isn’t saying where they came up with it.

The inspiration behind the name is something that is “going to stay in our family,” he told ET recently.

Though confined to the West Coast, Jennifer gave Ben the go-ahead to enjoy Washington D.C.’s festivities celebrating the inauguration of President Barack Obama on Tuesday. Ben was a tireless campaigner for the “Yes, We Can” cause.

Jen’s also pictured here taking Violet to school yesterday. The Afflecks seem to be employing a no nannies until it’s absolutely necessary policy in the rearing of their two daughters.

Wearing jeans and a loose cardigan post baby bump, Jen’s previously said that she had trouble losing weight after the first daughter.

“At first I thought it would just happen,” she told a morning show as reported by Us. But when the baby weight “didn’t magically disappear…eventually I just hit the treadmill.”

Having to chase after lil’ Violet should take care of that extra poundage. Check the ruby slippers!