Gavin and Kingston Rossdale’s LA Day

Here are Gavin Rossdale, 41, and son Kingston, 3, enjoying the recent Southern California warm spell.

Big biker Kingston battled a popsicle in the park, while Dad got some tennis in.

Mom Gwen Stefani, 39, was either at home instructing the nannies how to raise new baby Zuma Nesta. probably slaving away over a hot microphone in the recording studio.

After all, SOMEONE has to earn the money to pay for those Fred Segal shopping trips.

Gavin, former frontman for ’90s band Bush and now seemingly the stay-at-home daddy to Kingston, checked out tennis gear at the Big Five sporting goods store and then later took in a private lesson with an instructor in San Pedro.

His t-shirt, a tip of the cap (or the flash of a middle finger) to the paparrazzi, says “same shot. different day.”

Much more sartorially pleasing are Kingston’s patchwork jeans. That kid has his mother’s fashion sense.

So what do you think? Should Gavin Rossdale get back to work? Does it seem like he’s sort of living off Gwen’s millions? Or is it cool that Kingston’s going to be grow up being so close to his Dad? Let us know!