Katie Holmes Found An ‘Extra Man’

There will be no resting on her tall, Miu Miu-clad laurels for Katie Holmes!

As soon as the curtain dropped upon her final Broadway performance of All My Sons, Katie, 30, jetted from New York to Los Angeles to be with husband Tom Cruise at the Golden Globe Awards.

That’s pretty commendable, since Tom skipped her birthday to attend the Valkyrie premiere.

Now MTV reports that workaholic Holmes has joined the cast of upcoming indie comedy feature The Extra Man, which begins shooting in New York next month.

And, holy Breakfast at Tiffany’sKevin Kline plays failed playwright in the flick who makes his living as a male escort for rich, lonely widows on the Upper East Side.

There’s no word yet on what character Katie Holmes is playing, but MTV does mention that there are plenty of transvestites in the book the film is based on.