Miley Cyrus: I Love My…Messy Hair!

Multi-millionaire tween queen Miley Cyrus has had her influence on young girls worldwide, for good and for ill. Impressionable females everywhere pick over every aspect of her life and style—including her messy hair.

Some say Miley’s wavy hairstyle is all wrong because it makes her look like she’s trying to be seductive. The extensions don’t help, either; her tresses rarely look glossy or healthy. 

Maybe a few people think her hair’s too old for her kiddie age group, but most don’t. There’s a bunch of people out there thinking Miley’s trying to grow up too fast. They think that the sexualized images of her are wrong, but they certainly explain her penchant for posing nude in photos.

Sound off if you think she’s trying to hard to look too old for her age, or if she’s simply trendsetting her target audience with bedraggled locks.