Mira Sorvino’s Bloody Awful Kiss with Scott Foley

It would appear Robert Pattinson isn’t the only actor who readily admits to being jinxed in the kissing department.

As Mira Sorvino tells it, she and former Felicity star Scott Foley filmed a smooching scene for their upcoming NBC miniseries The Last Templar that bordered on the downright macabre.

Sorvino, 41, and Foley, 36, were aboard a speedboat during shooting when a wave struck and sent Mira’s head hurtling into a hook. The impact broke five teeth in Sorvino’s pretty mouth, sending blood everywhere.

“And for some reason, right then our wonderful director, Paolo Barzman, decides that we should have a kiss to end all kisses, and so, after they paint even more bloody purple makeup on me, we have the big kiss,” Sorvino explained to Page Six

“And at the end of it, Scott ends up for two weeks in bed, sick with my cold!”

Geez, thanks for sharing, Mira. That’s enough to make viewers seasick.

The Last Templar, which begins Sunday, January 25, and concludes Monday, January 26, co-stars Jennifer Garner’s pal Victor Garber.

The miniseries is based on the novel by Raymond Khoury that sends a New York archaeologist on a whirlwind of adventure and intrigue as he attempts to decode the secrets of the medieval Knights of the Templar. Think The Da Vinci Code, but with a bleeding woman on a power boat.

Incidentally, Garner, 36, and Scott Foley were married from 2000 to 2004.

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