Simon Cowell: Rich Men Don’t Wear Plaid

American Idol’s main crankcase Simon Cowell, 49, arrived to check at the One Devonshire Gardens hotel in Glasgow, Scotland yesterday.

He was aided by a helpful man seemingly dressed to remind everyone that yes, you are in Scotland.

The slightly uppity Cowell has probably never carried his own bag (even as a sullen child) so Mr. Tartan was just in time with the bags and a shady umbrella against the Scottish rain.

The Daily Record reports that Cowell is in Glasgow to oversee auditions for his OTHER show, Britain’s Got Talent.

The press has noted that Cowell, who apparently dyes his hair, has let it go slightly gray lately. He turns 50 this year.

He must be feeling his age. He and American Idol has brought in some fresh blood this year with the addition of new judge Kara DuoGuardi.

Kara, 38, has already made things spicy, most notably by battling with Idol auditioner “Bikini Girl” Katrina Darrell.

DiGuardi better not get too comfy, though.

According to the Record, Britain’s Got Talent recently tried employing the new four judge format that Idol now has. It didn’t work.

New BGT judge Kelly Brook was axed after working just six days by producer Cowell.

He said it was nothing personal. And it looks like Kara is safe for now as the four judge sysem seems to working here in the States.

But this news must have Kara worried. Or has Paula Abdul adding more Vicodin to her tea.