The Obama Girls’ Late-Night Jonas Brothers Visit

After partying with the youngsters and musicians at the Youth Inaugural Ball last night, President Barack Obama, 47, and Michelle Obama, 45, brought a bit of youthful surprise back to the White House for their daughters.

ABC News reports that a scavenger hunt was set up for Sasha and Malia Obama, 7 and 10 respectively, to get the girls acquainted with their new digs.

At the end of the fun and games, the girls opened a door to discover the Jonas Brothers waiting behind it!

Geez, when your dad is the Prez, all kinds of cool things happen!

Maybe Nick Jonas, 16, felt like he needed a rematch after getting his butt whooped by the First Tweens at a ping pong game.

The youngest of the Jonas trio has been feeling bold lately, after all; he gave his ex Miley Cyrus a hug on stage at the Kids Inaugural Ball Monday night.

He’s only taking after older bro Joe, 19, who held it together during a potentially awkward run-in with his own ex, Taylor Swift, on New Year’s Eve.

Anyway, those Jonas kids seem to be maturing into actual dudes.  Barack should be sure to keep a watchful chaperone on his daughters.